Thinning hair, slow growth and dull appearance can be caused by factors such as stress, medication, alternations of seasons, technical work etc. Now, however, an innovative treatment is here to give a scientific, natural and safe solution to all these problems.


This is a treatment based on the synergic action of three innovative ingredients & active oils such as nasturtium extract (promotes the growth of new healthy hair), extract from maidenhair (strengthens hair, promotes its growth and slows its fall), basic lemon and rosemary oils (strengthen fragile and damaged hair), key cedar oil (anti-dandruff properties).


Increases and strengthens Stem Cells
Promotes Cell Regeneration

With clinically proven action ... it does wonders!

Innovative HAIR SPRAY SOLUTION treatment by the HAIRIZE LAB acts against hair loss by strengthening and helping grow stem cells in the hair follicle, enhancing collagen and increasing keratin production.

HAIR SOLUTION SPRAY has drastically increased absorbance, due to the concentrated peptides it contains, with a molecular weight less than 5000 Daltons. Its mechanism of action is based on the synergy of three innovative components and basic active oils. It is boosted with an active silk amino acid solution and provides shine and hydration to all hair types.

HAIRIZE LAB treatment acts on the root of the problem since the first application. It contains the highest quota of three clinically tested ingredients with the following properties:

Reduces hair loss
Prevents hair thinning
Promotes the generation of new hair
100% natural formula